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(30 Pack) MicroTonic Stand Up Pillow Packs - (15ml each)

(30 Pack) MicroTonic Stand Up Pillow Packs - (15ml each)

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Membrane MicroTonic: The original liquid gold and the gold standard in PMU and tattoo post care, sold internationally to artists who insist on only the finest to warrant longevity of their beautiful work.

MicroTonic's delicate amber colour is derived from the purest, all natural, synthetic-free ingredients meticulously formulated to lock in pigment by soothing skin and fostering fast wound healing.

"I won't work without it on my tray"
"I will never work without it anymore"
MicroTonic is one product in a complete line-up of post-care products uniquely compounded for every treatment, every skin type. Effective well beyond its primary purpose for post-care, Membrane products have been verified as effective in treating a multitude of skin irregularities, when other products have not worked.

  DURING AND AFTER PROCEDURES - MicroTonic is a soothing and refreshing natural toner that cleans and sooths traumatized tissue, and is versatile enough for all skin types.  By lightly bathing the skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, MicroTonic aids in recovery and repair of tissue while the skin is healing. Keeping the skin clean and hydrated both during and after the procedure will help to minimize any discomfort.  MicroTonic’s specialized formula is custom blended, using the finest and freshest ingredients from around the world. It combines the unique properties of honey, chamomile, plantain, oats, orange blossom and other select ingredients into a ‘power punch’ for tissues support and healing. With its beautiful golden appearance and light fragrance (derived from its natural ingredients rather than chemical additives), MicroTonic provides an immediate feeling of freshness. 

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