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Advanced Biopeptide Serum By NanoStamp 360™

Advanced Biopeptide Serum By NanoStamp 360™

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Cell vitalization and collagen biosynthesis 
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE – 15 face treatments

A professional-grade peptide-rich formula that mimics your body’s growth factors to help with anti-aging, improved skin texture and tone. Developed for Professional use only, by cosmetic and aesthetic professionals. Biopeptides act as antioxidants, helping to repair previous aging and damage to your skin. Collagen peptides help make collagen and elastin, proteins found in healthy skin.

Aids in hair follicle nourishment and growth when used on the scalp.


Directions: Apply to clean skin in small sections before nano infusion or microstamping.

Great for all skin types. For use on face, body, and scalp.

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