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(10 Pack) EyeAid - (3ml Pillow Packs)

(10 Pack) EyeAid - (3ml Pillow Packs)

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This product from the Membrane line addresses one of the most important and specialized treatment areas – the eyes. Many artists don’t understand how to treat the eyes, because they are mucous membranes, not just another area of skin. With the risk of clogged tear ducts from synthetic products and of infection or even corneal burns from concentrated essential oils, using a natural formula specifically designed for the eyes’ delicate tissue is integral to achieving quick and complication-free healing. This light, breathable barrier helps to reduce swelling and inflammation after micropigmentation procedures.

 All ingredients have been selected based on their benefit to the unique healing needs of the eyes, such as chamomile, plantain, propolis and more. Don’t rise corneal abrasions or eye infections by using products which can clog tear ducts, breed bacteria and burn/irritate delicate eye tissue. Its our responsibility to provide our clients with the best and this formula is made for eyes. 

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