World Plasma LLC - Official distribtor for PLAXEL & PLAXEL+ in the USA

PLAXEL+ Plasma Fibroblast

Pen For Aesthetic Professionals

"Cold Plasma & True Plasma 2 In 1 Technology"

Manufactured In Korea by Medsun

What's included in the kit?

Your Plasma Pen
Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Durable Metal Stand

Screw Driver


AC/DC12V 1A Adapter

6ft Cord

100 Needle Tips

1 Ball Tip

1 Flat Cold Plasma Tip

1 Curved Tip

Certificate of Warranty & Authenticity

One year limited manufacturer’s Warranty

FAQ image is the Official
PLAXEL+ distributor for MEDSUN in the USA.
PLAXEL+ Professional Plasma Fibroblast Pen for Aesthetic Professionals
*To ensure you receive an authentic PLAXEL+ device, be sure to only purchase through our official USA distributor World Plasma LLC

PLAXEL and PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen

for Esthetic Professionals

Cold Plasma & True Plasma 2 In 1 Technology

PLAXEL+ Plasma Fibroblast Pen

Manufactured In Korea by Medsun

What's included in the kit?

Your Plasma Pen
Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Durable Metal Stand

Screw Driver


AC/DC12V 1A Adapter

6ft Cord

100 Needle Tips

1 Ball Tip

1 Flat Cold Plasma Tip

1 Curved Tip

Certificate of Warranty & Authenticity

One year limited manufacturer’s Warranty

FAQ image is the Official
PLAXEL & PLAXEL+ distributor for
MEDSUN in the USA.

*To ensure you receive an authentic PLAXEL

device, only purchase through our official

USA distributor World Plasma LLC

Why Esthetic Professionals Choose PLAXEL+ over other pens?

How To Perform a Cold Plasma

Treatment With The PLAXEL+

PLAXEL+ Treatment Video

What True Plasma Dots Look Like

Why Esthetic Professionals Choose PLAXEL & PLAXEL+ over other pens?

How To Perform a Cold Plasma Treatment With PLAXEL

PLAXEL+ Treatment Video

What True Plasma Dots Look Like

Considering A Treatment?

3 tips to choose the right plasma fibroblast provider

Frequently Asked Questions For PLAXEL+

Why is PLAXEL PLUS The Best Professional Plasma Pen On The Market?

The PLAXEL+ plasma fibroblast pen stands out as the premier choice for esthetic professionals due to its precision tuning and advanced True Plasma technology, which provides enhanced results, faster recovery, and improved safety compared to traditional electric pens.

Does PLAXEL PLUS Offer True Plasma Technology? How Does It Work?

Yes, PLAXEL+ plasma pen offers the most advanced true plasma technology available on the market for esthetic professionals. Unlike commonly used electric devices, which can cause scarring and hyperpigmentation, the PLAXEL+ plasma pen is tuned to precision and properly ionizes atmospheric gasses to create a True Plasma energy inside the pen.

This True Plasma technology sends plasma energy into the epidermis to sublimate dead cells and stimulate the production of new collagen in the treatment area and surrounding areas. The True Plasma technology can be distinguished by the purple spark expelled from the pen's tip, the smell of ozone and the presence of white dots with a tiny pinprick of black in the center, which is carbon being created inside the epidermis. Electric pens, on the other hand, burn the skin and leave black or brown burn marks that will form scabs post treatment.

The benefits of using PLAXEL+ True Plasma Technology include better recovery, enhanced results, and a safer technology overall to use with your clients. As a esthetician, permanent makeup artist, cosmetologist, skin therapist or medical professional it is important to use the most advanced and safest technology available on the market that is going to strengthen your reputation, and PLAXEL+ delivers just that. With this new True Plasma technology, you'll have an advantage over esthetic professionals that still use commonly used electric pens like Plamere or Louise Walsh.

Does PLAXEL PLUS Offer Cold Plasma? How Does Cold Plasma Work?

Yes, PLAXEL PLUS's Cold Plasma technology is an ideal treatment option for esthetic professionals as it can be used on all skin types and can effectively diminish fine lines and wrinkles. One of the main benefits of Cold Plasma is that it does not require any downtime, making it a convenient option for clients looking for a quick and effective skin rejuvenation treatment.

In addition, Cold Plasma technology sterilizes the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of acne and other skin blemishes. The flat tip also helps to infuse and gently massage skincare products deep into the skin, providing an added boost to the treatment's effectiveness.

With its ability to be used on all skin types and its ability to address a wide range of skin concerns, PLAXEL PLUS's Cold Plasma technology with the flat tip is a versatile addition to any esthetic professional's line of services. Its non-invasive and painless nature, combined with the added benefits of sterilizing the skin and massaging skincare products deep into the skin make it an ideal treatment option for esthetic professionals with clients that don't want to endure the downtime of a True Plasma treatments.

The PLAXEL+ offers the same benefits of other "cold" plasma pens on the market such as Jett Plasma but no other device on the market offers a 2 in 1 combination of True Plasma and Cold Plasma technology like PLAXEL+.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect With PLAXEL PLUS?

As an esthetic professional, you know that every client's skin is different and the results of any treatment can vary. However, with proper education and at-home skincare, you can help your clients achieve the best possible results.

When it comes to skin tightening, it's important to consider the amount of work that needs to be done. Clients who have neglected their skin for years may not see results as quickly or as effectively as those who have a consistent skincare routine. That's why it's crucial to provide your clients with the right at-home skincare products to maintain and enhance their results.

One of the most important parts of achieving long-lasting results with plasma fibroblast treatment is educating your clients and providing them with proper at-home skincare. With the right daily routine, the results of a true plasma fibroblast treatment can last up to 2-3 years. Some clients may see immediate tightening after treatment, but the majority of results will be visible 2-3 months post-treatment when the skin has had time to produce new collagen and elastin in the treatment area.

How Can I Buy The PLAXEL PLUS Plasma Pen?

MEDSUN, the manufacturer of PLAXEL+, has partnered exclusively with World Plasma LLC to distribute the pen in the USA. Beware of companies claiming to be official distributors of PLAXEL+ as there is currently only one authorized distributor. To ensure you receive a genuine product, we recommend purchasing the PLAXEL+ through or by submitting the form provided on this website, which will be sent directly to our representatives at World Plasma LLC. Buying from unauthorized sources increases the risk of receiving counterfeit, refurbished, or scammed products, especially when buying on platforms like Alibaba or non-credible Facebook pages.

Where Can I Buy Supplies For The PLAXEL PLUS

World Plasma LLC is responsible for providing supplies for the PLAXEL+ is the USA. You can find supplies listed on their PLAXEL+ provider supply website

Training For The PLAXEL PLUS

MEDSUN has appointed World Plasma LLC as the exclusive training academy and distributor for the PLAXEL+ in the USA. The training provided by World Plasma LLC is tailored specifically to the PLAXEL+ plasma pen and its true plasma techniques and applications. It is important to note that the PLAXEL+ should not be used with the same techniques as electric pens such as Plamere or Louise Walsh. The true plasma technology does not burn the skin, and the techniques taught by World Plasma LLC are the recommended method for achieving the best results with the PLAXEL+.

Conveniently, World Plasma LLC offers lifetime access to online training and unlimited support with the purchase of the PLAXEL+. To ensure you receive a genuine product and proper training, purchase the PLAXEL+ by submitting the form on this website or by visiting

Is The PLAXEL PLUS FDA Approved?

At this time, the PLAXEL+ plasma pen is not FDA approved. However, it is important to note that FDA approval is not currently required to offer plasma fibroblast as a service to clients. Each state has its own regulations, so it is important to check with your state regulatory board to determine if you are eligible to offer the service with your current qualifications. In some states, a Medical Director may be required.

FDA approval is a costly and ongoing process that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. This would significantly increase the price of the pen for end consumers and make it unaffordable for many esthetic professionals.

Be aware of companies claiming to have FDA approval, a quick online search can reveal that they may only be registered and not approved. Keep in mind that FDA registration does not indicate that the device or company has been cleared or approved by the FDA, it only means that the establishment is registered and the devices are listed with the agency. When considering purchasing a plasma pen, it's important to do your research and not fall for misleading marketing tactics.

PLAXEL+ Before & After Images

PLAXEL+ Customer Reviews

Customers of the official USA distributor

PLAXEL+ Before & After Images

PLAXEL & PLAXEL+ Customer Reviews

Customers of the official USA distributor

Official PLAXEL Plasma Provider Database

Official PLAXEL Plasma Provider Database

Texas, USA

Sasha Galindo
Trinity Family Medicine

6100 Eastridge Rd, Odessa 79762 TX
(432) 272-1072

Copper Dallas
6803 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, TX 75205
(972) 803-4432

Grace Jasken
Forever young body Sculpt laseraway LLC
18730 Stone Oak Parkway San Antonio, TX
(210) 730-6302

Kristin Johnston
2009 Ranch Road 620 N, Ste 214 Austin TX 78734

Sarah Stone
Dr. Edgar Zambrano
2015 Mulberry Avenue, Mount Pleasant TX 75455
(903) 575-9408

Nakai Wellness Med Spa
Nakai Wellness Center 2750 Duniven CR, Suite A, Amarillo, TX 79102

Kimberly Estrada
Kurves by Kim
662 10th Street, Suite A Floresville TX

Shannon Alamillo
The Skin Boutique 1509 Dorothy Nichols Lane B Smithville TX

Valerie Warrior
Bliss Clinique
515 W Main Street Dallas (Allen) TX 75013
(972) 972-8670

Stacy Conner
The Aesthetic Room, PLLC
4775 US-HWY 259 Longview TX 75605
(903) 290-6283

Wanda Honeycutt
Your Health and Beauty Club
2224 Shadywood Ct Arlington TX 76012
(817) 994-1096

Kristin Johnston
Contoured Beauty
1310 Ranch Road 620 S Unit C-7 Lakeway, Texas 78734
(512) 400-6026

Ngoc Nguyen
Pink’s beauty lounge
1206 Wedgecrest lane Garland, TX 75040
(480) 329-2828

Kishma Joseph
Beyond Beauty Boutique
3901 Bellaire Blvd Houston TX
(832) 699-9496

Irene Hernandez
New Body Healthy & Wellness
4150 Eldorado Parkway Ste. 200 McKinney TX
(469) 288-1481

Claudia Heyne
The Cottage Door 103 E. Kronosky St., #3 Boerne TX


Angela Land
Laminin Aesthetics
3140 Legacy Dr Suite 310, Frisco TX 75034
+1 (833) 284-8259

Astrie L Maldonado
Annaira Cosmetics Artistry 12418 Belfort Point Schertz TX
(210) 380-8099

Julia Rodriguez
Affinity Brows MicroArtistry 2251 Double Creek Dr Suite 602, Round Rock TX

(512) 591-6571

Miriam Heredia
MH skincare studio
Fort Worth TX

Shawna Newmyer
Lashin' Out
4150 Eldorado Pkwy Suite 200 McKinney, TX
(563) 508-9103

Pamela Maas
Cryo Curves 1908 Yaupon Trail Cedar Creek TX

Yvonne Purvis
North Texas Medspa
6620 Colleyville blvd , Colleyville TX 76034

Sheri Avalos
6810 Plum Creek drive Amarillo Texas 79124
806 355 3022

Yeon Shin
June’s day spa
4758 McArdle Rd Suite 102
(361) 826-0618

Priscilla Vela

Royalty Holistic Medspa
12250 Inwood Road, Building 300, Ste 8

Dallas, TX 75244

California, USA

Faisal Darwiche
881 Dover Dr Suite 250, Newport Beach 92663 California
(949) 945-0906

Shelly Kent
73880 El Paseo Blvd. Suite 3, Palm Desert, CA 92260
(619) 2487944

Dana Boyan, RN
4234 Riverwalk Parkway, Suite 170 92505, Riverside California USA

Rachel Shawntel Burnham
Enhancing Our Beauty
1260 Broadway Sonoma, CA 95476

Marie-Lynne Gleeson
Corrective Skin Care by Marie-Lynne
Ventura CA

Glenn Gustafik
Plasma pen by Glenn
1110 Burnett Ave Suite H Concord ca 94520

Angela Garcia
Skin So Pretty
Oxnard CA 93036
(805) 607-1090

April Kiwaki
April's Skincare and Beautique
950 Aviation Blvd #i Hermosa Beach, California
(424) 404-2758

Jackie Jones
PURE plasma Murrieta CA

Natasha Davydoff
Sherman Oaks CA
(323) 697-4457

Grace Tatlonghari
Remedy Total Wellness
San Pedro CA

Jackielyn Jones
PURE Plasma

Trisha Burton
Skinura Los Angeles CA
(818) 416-1975

Fredielyn Chai
Love Your Skin Aesthetics
11688 South St., Unit B-203 Artesia CA 90701

Kathleen Crawford
Ink Imagined 24251 Town Center Dr. #122 Valencia CA 913551

Kyndra Galbraith and Christie Sherbondy
Holistic Beauty 40820 Winchester Rd #2505 Temecula Ca 92591
(951) 855-0351

Josephine Lacuesta
Skin Made Beautiful, LLC60 Dixon Landing Rd. Milpitas, California 95035
(408) 318-4646

Anela Kane
East Sacramento Aesthetics & Wellness
5400 H St. Sacramento CA 95819
(916) 529-1495

Anh T Nguyen
The Aura Infinite Beauty Company LLC
14550 Magnolia St, #206, Westminster, Ca 92683
(714) 989-6268

Jennette M Bird
Elite Esthetics Beauty & Wellness Studio, LLC
869 W. Hawkeye Ave. Turlock, CA 95380
1(209) 556-8998

Anela Kane
East Sacramento Aesthetics
5400 H st Sacramento ca 95819
(916) 529-1495

Georgia, USA

Melissa Chappel
Bellezza Beauty Bar

3109 Main Street Duluth, GA 30096

Melissa Latimer
Skin Agency LLC

10 Hamilton BLVD NW, STE G Cartersville GA 0120
(770) 710-7064

Leigh W Wolf
Ooh La Leigh Beauty, LLC
341 Baker St

Colorado, USA

Sonia Sawyer
300 West lake ave, Woodland Park 80863 Colorado
719 651 7573

Eastyn Moore

LA Lash and Laser Medspa

1461 E Eisenhower Blvd, Suite 108 Loveland CO 80537 USA

Dawn Leyba
6025 Erin Park Dr, Colorado Springs 80918 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Amy Kerr
Colorado Springs, CO USA
(719) 440-3573

Sarah Armentrout
202 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. Suite Q, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Amy Zehr
For the Love of Healing Aesthetics

201 S. 2nd St Westcliffe, Colorado 81252

Stacie Kenny
FĀSE: Skin & Laser Studio

4321 Corbett Dr Ste 106 Studio 13 Fort Collins, CO
(970) 919-3722

Danae Pollard
Facial Artistry by Danae
6165 Barnes Rd. Suite 6, Colorado Springs, CO. 80917

Lynn Zollin
Surgical First Inc.
1521 PONTIAC ST, Denver, Co 80220


Petra Mackin
NQ Ijnjectables & Aesthetics
Within the Oaks Hotel, 2 Dibbs Street, South Townsville Queensland AU 4810

Suck Hee Hwang
Me and You Beauty Brow
Old Cleveland road Brisbane, Queensland AU 4151

Bianca Wain
16 Pasadena Avenue, Bateau Bay, NSW 2261 Australia
+16 415644660

Karina Hassall
8 Kurrewa Lane, Coomera, Gold Coast 4209 QL Australia

Theodora M
Bulleen, Melbourne 3105 Victoria, Australia

Virginia, USA

Michelle Fisher
6 Pidgeon Hill Dr. Suite 330 Sterling, VA USA

Laura Martinez
Camille Facial Salon5550 Columbia pike, Arlington Virginia
(703) 559-4075

Wisconsin, USA

Nini k Tran
684 S Whitney Way Wisconsin 53711 USA
(608) 270-0666

Montana, USA

Tracy Pierce
1910 north Westwood Blvd Poplar Bluff Montana 63901
(573) 714-1415

Illinois, USA

Cindy Uhrig
Rockford, Illinois 61109 USA

Amy Davis
948 Clocktower Dr. Springfield, IL 6270
(421) 797-19191

Anel Padilla
Origanel Skin Palos Park IL 60464
(708) 238-3591


Erin Sheats
110 Haverhill Rd, Amesbury MA - Massachusetts9784798206

Lindsy Gusiora
1212 Hancock st. #140, Quincy, MA 02169

Nadia Santos

1212 Hancock St suite 140 Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 US
(617) 481-4466

Ohio, USA

Brandy Young
8130 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45255

Renée Topala
Advanced Aesthetics Group
9157 Montgomery Road Suite 201 Montgomery OH 45242

Talia McAndrew
Fine Line Cosmetics
116 Main St (inside Pulse Yoga), Marysville OH (740)646-1716

Arizona, USA

Lana Stewart
AZ Skin Tightening


Tina R Ferguson

Skin Care by T

210 Sunset Dr Suite E2

Victoria Richards
The Hairstream620 Arizona St , AZ 85603

Rhonda Koellen
Simply Effective Aesthetics, LLC

170 N Main St Eagar AZ

Michelle Lepur
Ooh LaLa

3227 S 89TH AVE Tolleson AZ
(480) 653-7269

Sandra M Dos Santos Smith
Sandras Desert Beauties

26 Tubac Rd Suite 26 @ Grand Aesthetics AZ
(602) 329-5696

Florida, USA

Salwa Elashmawy
Salwa’z Beauty Salon

2114 Drew st suite H and I Clearwater Fl 33756
+1(727) 238-4700

Desirée Watton L.E.
5911 North Honore Ave. Suite #120 34243 Sarasota/ Lakewood Ranch, Florida
941- 355- FACE (3223)

Gina Kaczmarek
822 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala FL USA

Kelly Kirby
SkinLore LLC

1993 Gramercy Park Ln Loft #9 Tampa, Florida

Claudimar Ocando
Caly Skin Care

8803 Futures Dr Suite 4-101 Orlando FL 32819 United States

Jane-O Rivera
Plasma Lift Boss LLC

3743 S. Atlantic Ave. 11 D, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. 32118

Amanda Huss
160 S Main Street Winter Garden, FL 34787

Pennsylvania, USA

Denise Trumpfheller
131 South Bellevue Ave, Langhorne PA

United Kingdom

Debra Maiden
69 Apperley Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire Bd10 9sh GB

Karla Capes
Lasting Impressions Beauty & Aesthetics
The Tanning Lounge brockfeild park drive Huntington York, North Yorkshire GB Yo319el

Vhari McLaws
44 Main Street, Dreghorn, Irvine, KA114AA

Natalie Bailey
3D Body Sculpt Bromsgrove8 Worcester Road Bromsgrove B61 7AE GB

Pamela Brannigan
Newtown, Stamullen k32ev74 Ireland

Oklahoma, USA

Brigette Caldwell
1099 S Aspen Ave, Broken Arrow 74012 Oklahoma

Laura Walker
Fresh Skin Spa LLC
2646 E 11th St Tulsa OK 74104

Alabama, USA

Janice Todd

Hanly MaFoley

Leslie Baker
LSB Aesthetics
2800 Ross Clark Circle, Suite 2

Mazatlan Mexico

Consultorio Dra. Kathia Castro
Torremolimos mar egeo 5008, Mazatlan MX
+52 (669) 270-8025

Nebraska, USA

Chevy Siobhan Kozisek
3050 S. 32nd Ave. 68105, Omaha, Nebraska 68105 USA
(402) 305-4486

North Carolina, USA

Rebecca Phillips
Gray’s Family Practice
399 Hill Street Murphy North Carolina 28906
(828) 360-3600

Kentucky, USA

Terra Durbin
Enhancing Beauty
954 commercial dr Richmond KY 40475

Indiana, USA

Shannon Conklin
Escape Spa LLC

35 A ST NE Linton IN 474411
(812) 699-0241

Susanne Hasselfeldt
3907 Calumet Ave, Valparaiso, IN 46383
(219) 736-8118

Washington, USA

Brenda Stavish
Just For Me MediSpa

2319 N 29th Street Tacoma WA 98403
(206) 890-8074

Dianna Demmel
12303 Meridian E suite 300 Puyallup, WA. 98373
(253) 318-1386

Oregon, USA

Jennifer Gardner
Rose Hill Wellness
238 se 2nd avenue Hillsboro, OR 97123
(503) 803-5534

Michigan, USA

Betty Banks
Bella Genta, LLC

2208 Schultz St Lincoln Park Michigan 481461
(313) 971-6323

Samantha Taylor
Blūm LLC

5856 Federal Rd Howard City, MI 49329

Meagan Valley
Unveiled Skin at Blossom Spa and Boutique

4882 Gratiot Rd. Unit 10 Saginaw, MI

Maryann Matykowski
Aria Beauty
3931 Jim Dr Bridgeport, MI 48722

Idaho, USA

Jeannie Mazzuca Pinel

2415 N Government way Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 838141

Jenna McKenna
The Fizz
4606 E 7th Ave, Spokane Valley WA 99212

Missouri, USA

Chelsea Wissmueller-Gentry
Joli Visage Skin Clinic

16920 E US Highway 24, Ste D
1(816) 882-4455

Kimberly Palmier
Kimberly Rose Beaute, LLC. DBA Fresh Skin Spa

2745 High Ridge Blvd Ste 1 High Ridge, Missouri
+1 1314-312-1364

Stephanee Rossi-Click
Just Face It: The Botox and Aesthetics Bar

465 St. Clair Street St. Clair MO 63077

New York, USA

Jennifer Laffey DNP, FNP-BC
Best Face Forward
Massapequa Park, NY

Nevada, USA

Tamara Cherie Pruitt-Morris
GlamLuxe Skin

430 S. Rampart Blvd., Ste 150 NV 89145

Connecticut, USA

Ana Ochoa
New Skin
848 North Ave Bridgeport CT 06607

Louisiana, USA

Amanda-Blaze Thrasher
The Hive @Lush Salon & Spa

4012 Carter Street, Louisiana 71373
(318) 613-3302

Utah, USA

Cindy Blanchard
Scandalous Solutions
1577 E 2700 N Layton Utah 84040

New Jersey, USA

Leslie Niglio
Mark of Beauty Academy

1765 springdale road Suite C1 Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
609 513 1672

Susanne Albano
Inkcredible Beauty

21000 Rt 34, Ste 502 Matawan, New Jersey 07747

Leigh Heagney
Permanently Pretty

216 Maple Avenue, Suite 103 Red Bank, NJ

Simonne Della Vecchia-Puca
Reygan Glow

325 NJ 35 Cliffwood 07721
+1 (732) 772-5186

Jessica Lynn McAteer

Jealousy Studios
1314 Hooper Ave B2 suite #7 & #9 Toms River NJ 08753,
(609) 489-2782

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