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PlasmaChanneling™ Tip & Training

PlasmaChanneling™ Tip & Training

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This tip can be used on all Fitzpatrick skin types!

Upon purchasing this tip you will gain access to a training lesson on how to use it, along with a non-surgical facelift protocol.

Lifespan: We recommend changing this tip after every 20-30 treatments.

Important: The PlasmaChanneling tip is sold exclusively through Using a third-party tip will void the warranty of your device with the manufacturer. Do not use this tip with any other device as it is only designed for Plaxel+.

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PlasmaChanneling™ is a brand-new non-invasive therapy that triggers cellular energy for immediate firming.

PlasmaChanneling™ outshines Cold Plasma in effectiveness in lifting and tightening the skin while still being downtime-free.

A full facial session can be performed in just 20 minutes!

*The PlasmaChanneling tip is an optional add-on and can be added to your order for $95.00 at checkout. An additional training lesson and protocol will be added to your training portal if you choose to include this tip

The same benefits of

Microneedling, But Without The Needles!

PlasmaChanneling™ mimics the effects of microchanneling or microneedling, creating thousands of microchannels in the epidermis without the use of needles. This process triggers cellular energy for immediate firming while also stimulates collagen production, sterilizes the skin, and facilitates the deeper penetration of active ingredients.

PlasmaChanneling Before & After