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SkinPro - Professional Post Care Kit

SkinPro - Professional Post Care Kit

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The Membrane Skin Pro Professional Post-Care box combines three of Membrane’s most outstanding formulations for the ultimate skin post-care kit, suitable for a wide array of advanced skincare and clinical rejuvenation treatments. From chemical peels, microneedling, dermaplaning treatments, tattoo removal, permanent makeup procedures and more, our Skin Care Pro Box meets all pre- and post-care needs in one collection.

The Membrane Skin Pro Professional Post-Care Box contains one ½ oz bottle of MicroPh7 Cleanser, one ½ oz bottle of MicroGel, and one ½ oz bottle of Removal Rescue creamy skin serum. A single application requires only a small amount of each product, meaning your Skin Pro box will stretch a long way.

Each remarkable product in this kit contains extraordinary individual properties that work together to nourish skin, promote rejuvenation, and support healthy moisture levels. Not only are the products in our Skin Care Pro Box ideal for post-care, they’re also great for promoting skin health from everyday stressors such as sun, free radicals, pollution, and invaders.

It’s important for skin to be healthy and hydrated prior to any skin therapy or resurfacing treatment, including surgery. This pack prepares the skin to support healthy skin rejuvenation and moisture content. When applied routinely following one or more treatments on the advice of your therapist, technician, or physician, these products will promote a healthy skin barrier and post-treatment results. Vegan, synthetic-free, and made with Mother Nature’s gifts, Membrane’s clean products are suitable for all skin types.

MicroPh7 is a creamy milk cleanser formulated to gently remove makeup, environmental pollutants, and invaders from the skin without drying it out. This product is the perfect at-home cleanser following any micropigmentation, tattoo, or skin rejuvenation treatment.

MicroGel is specially formulated with a gel base, designed to support healthy moisture levels in all skin types—especially oily skin. Infused with young coconut water, aloe, honey, and other natural ingredients, this hydrating gel supports your skin’s natural rejuvenation process.

Removal Rescue is the ideal product for providing tattoo removal post-care, or for use as a daily supportive serum. Specially formulated with plant stem cells from orange and lingonberry, this moisturizing serum supports a healthy skin barrier and inflammatory responses. 

The Membrane Skin Pro Professional Post-Care box takes the thinking out of your clients’ pre- and post-care needs when receiving your services. These products nourish and calm the skin while supporting its health at a cellular level, leaving it vibrant, smooth, supple, and bright.


Provide to your clients as a post-treatment and stand out as a true professional committed to results and recovery!

Use after microchanneling, microneedling, derma-rolling treatments, plasma/fibroblast treatments, IPL, Fraxel, Fractora, chemical peels, glycolic peels, enzyme peels, microdermabrasion, laser, dermaplaning, advanced skin treatments, and tattoo removal (acid, saline, or laser).

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