"Debunking Cold Plasma Myths"

"Debunking Cold Plasma Myths"

Cold plasma is not a new concept and is no different than high-frequency devices that have been used for years. Cold plasma should not be seen as a replacement for true plasma (needle tip treatments).

Many companies sell you on the fact that cold palsma offers no downtime and can be used on all skin types and this is true BUT you're also missing out on the majority of the benefit of plasma without causing micro-injuries to the skin as you would with a True Plasma treatment .

The majority of collagen is produced while the skin is healing and since cold plasma works superficially, there is no healing to be done. We must create these micro-injuries to maximize the lifting and tightening effect for our clients.

❄️ So when should you use cold plasma?

We recommend that Cold plasma be used in conjunction with True Plasma during the pre-treatment phase to enhance overall results. Cold plasma is also suitable for those that are not candidates for a True Plasma treatments.

Now that we've debunked the hype around cold plasma, what are the REAL benefits of the technology?

✨ Collagen Stimulation,
✨ surface sterilization
✨ Deep skincare product infusion
✨ Can help diminish fine lines.

Don't fall for companies trying to sell you on cold plasma alone, you will be disappointed if you are expecting cold plasma to give you the results that only true plasma can offer.

For the best of both cold plasma and true plasma technology, the Plaxel+ plasma pen is the only device on the market to offer both of these technologies in one single pen.

For more information on this device and training visit https://plaxelplasma.com/products/plaxel-plasma-pen-2023
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