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PLAXEL+ Plasma Fibroblast Pen

PLAXEL+ Plasma Fibroblast Pen

Online Plasma Training / Certification (Included Free!)

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The Plaxel plasma pen leads the industry with its superior True Plasma (thermal plasma) & Cold Plasma technology. This exciting new technology makes plasma fibroblast much safer and more effective than any other device on the market!

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*Your order is eligible for:

  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty 🔧

  • Unlimited Support With Mike & Rachael 📱

  • Lifetime access to the official PLAXEL plasma online training & certification program, completely FREE of charge!🎓

  • 30-day return policy on unused and unopen packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the tips last?

PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen Probes: These tips are designed to be single-use and disposable. The Plaxel+ device kit includes 100 tips and can be repurchased in various pack sizes here.

PlasmaChanneling™ tip:
Since it is so new, we can't say it will last forever. The material can become less conductive after 30-40 treatments but there is the possibility that they will last longer than this. These can be ordered as a single item or in packs of 3,5 or 10 here.

Cold Plasma Tip:
This tip can be used until it breaks or becomes discolored. It does tend to last a very long time if you are careful with it and don't drop it. This tip is made of glass and porcelain so it is delicate and should be handled carefully. You can order the Plaxel cold plasma tip here.

Ball Tip:
This tip is made from real silver so it can tarnish after a while but does tend to last a long time so this tip doesn't have to be replaced often. The ball tip can be purchased here.

Considerations for all tips:
If you feel the plasma energy is no longer being delivered effectively, it breaks, or it becomes discolored, then it is time to get a new tip.

What qualifications are required to use Plaxel+

Plaxel+ is designed for esthetic professional use. Most of our providers are doctors, estheticians, registered nurses, or permanent makeup artists.

A plasma fibroblast certificate is not a sufficient qualification to offer this treatment on its own. You must already hold esthetic qualifications to meet your state requirements. For more information on regulations you can read our blog post

What is the best plasma fibroblast device?

The PLAXEL+ plasma fibroblast pen stands out as the premier choice for esthetic professionals due to its precision tuning and advanced True Plasma™, PlasmaChanneling, and Cold Plasma technology, which provide enhanced results, faster recovery, and improved safety compared to traditional electric pens like Plexr, Plamere or Plasma Pen UK (Louise Walsh).

Electric pens such as Plexr, Plamere, or Plasma Pen UK have been known to cause black dots, excessive trauma to the skin, and increase the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation. These negative effects have given the fibroblast industry a bad reputation in the past. Fortunately, with True Plasma technology, the treatment is much safer. This new technology is designed to avoid unnecessary trauma and only cause the optimal amount of injury to the skin that is required to force the production of new collagen.

PLAXEL+ True Plasma™ technology is distinguished by its ability to expel authentic plasma energy from the tip of the pen which creates its signature white dots on the skin without causing any burning. It can be safely used on higher Fitzpatrick skin types (up to a light Fitzpatrick 5) after conducting a proper patch test. This innovative technology has revolutionized the plasma fibroblast industry and has rendered traditional electric pens obsolete.

How does Plaxel compare with other devices like Jet Plasma?

Jet plasma is only a Cold Plasma pen and does not offer True Plasma technology or PlasmaChannelingwhich are both more effective than cold plasma in terms of lifting and tightening the skin.

Cold Plasma is great for sterilizing the skin, infusing skincare products deep into the skin and does offer subtle collagen stimulation but is far less effective compared to True Plasma since it only works superficially on the skin. The only way to force collagen production in the skin is by causing a micro-injury in the treatment area which forces new collagen and elastin to be produced while it's healing, otherwise with cold plasma you are only stimulating collagen production which is a slower process and requires a series of consecutive sessions. PlasmaChanneling is also a more effective solution than Cold Plasma since it can be used on higher power settings and is stronger than Cold Plasma due to the conductivity of the material in the tip.

Another drawback of Jet Plasma is that it requires that you replace their cartridges after every few uses whereas PLAXEL+ has a reusable tip that does not need to be replaced frequently. Jet Plasma cartridges are an unnecessary cost and you can see the same or better results results with the reusable PLAXEL+ cold plasma tip.

PLAXEL+ offers three different technologies in one pen which are True Plasma technology, PlasmaChanneling™, and Cold plasma. These tips add versatility to the PLAXEL+ device and complement one another which can amplify the results you can achieve for your clients.

Where to buy the Plaxel+ plasma pen?

Medsun, the manufacturer of PLAXEL+ has established exclusive agreements with distributors in different regions around the world to sell the PLAXEL+ device and accessories.

World Plasma LLC ( holds exclusive rights to distribute PLAXEL+ in the United States, United Kingdom, and various other regions across the world. No other companies are authorized to sell PLAXEL+ to customers in these jurisdictions.

Be careful of scams or unauthorized companies selling PLAXEL device replicas. It has been brought to our attention that some companies are pretending to be authorized distributors selling inauthentic PLAXEL+ devices or replicas branded under a different name. These companies do not have any relationship with Medsun and they are not eligible for warranty.

  • The Features ✅

    True Plasma Technology: A genuine plasma device, not an electric arc.

    Cold Plasma Technology: No need for an additional cold plasma pen.

    Consistent Power: Cordless and rechargeable, with the option to plug in using a 6-foot cable.

    LED light with on/off functionality.

    Durable stand for easy access and storage.

    One-year manufacturer's warranty: Device will be fixed or replaced if it stops working.

  • Included Tips: ✅

    Needle Tip: For plasma skin tightening and precise treatment.

    Ball Tip: Effective for superficial fine lines or in combination with the needle tip for certain wrinkles.

    Flat Cold Plasma Tip: Helps infuse products more deeply into the skin.

    Bent Copper Tip: Creates larger carbon crust dots and can be used for the drag (or spray) method to cover larger areas or remove larger skin tags/moles.

  • These modes offer versatility, customization, and true plasma technology for various treatments.

  • Kit Contents

    PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen

    Heavy Duty Carrying Case

    Durable Metal Stand

    Screwdriver & Screws

    AC/DC12V 1A Adapter

    Certificate of Warranty & Authenticity

    6ft Cord

    100 Needle Tips

    1 Ball Tip

    1 Flat Cold Plasma Tip

    1 Curved Tip

    Note: Batteries can only be shipped within the US. For international orders outside of the US batteries are not included but can be found locally and are inexpensive.

  • Membrane Post Care kits (10)

  • Concealer kits

  • Extra needle Tips (50)

  • TKTX Numbing

  • MicroTonic & MicroGel backbar

  • Hard Copy Training Manual

Upgrade your order with out custom skincare & aftercare kit.

Kit Contents (Click to open)

  • 1 MicroTonic Backbar Size
  • 1 Spout for MicroTonic Bottle
  • 1 MicroGel Back Bar
  • 4 Membrane Post Care After
  • Care Kits with EyeAid
  • 6 Membrane Post Care After
  • Care Kits with MicroBalm
  • 2 TKTX Green numbing tubes
  • 2 TKTX Gold numbing tubes
  • 2 Porcelain Post Procedure
  • Concealer w/Rinse Bottle
  • 2 Beige Post Procedure
  • Concealer w/Rinse Bottle
  • 2 Ivory Post Procedure
  • Concealer w/Rinse Bottle
  • 1 Hard Copy Training Manual
  • 50 extra needle tips

    Note: International orders may have slightly different kits due to customs regulations.

Our Latest Innovation


PlasmaChanneling™ is a brand-new non-invasive therapy that triggers cellular energy for immediate firming.

PlasmaChanneling™ outshines Cold Plasma in effectiveness in lifting and tightening the skin while still being downtime-free.

A full facial session can be performed in just 20 minutes!

*The PlasmaChanneling tip is an optional add-on and can be added to your order for $95.00 at checkout. An additional training lesson and protocol will be added to your training portal if you choose to include this tip

  • How Does Plaxel+ Compare? 🔍


    • True Plasma Technology (Can treat up to a light Fitzpatrick 5) *Always do a proper patch test
    • Cold Plasma Technology (Can be used on all skin types)
    • Multiple applications
    • Direct current

    Other Popular Pens (Ex. Plamere, Louise Walsh, Plexr)

    These devices use electric technology, which can cause burns, scarring, and prolonged recovery. They may also have limited treatment types and use alternating current and can only be used up to a Fitzpatrick 3 skin type.

    • Partial & Full Facelift
    • Acne/Milia
    • Neck & Jowl Lift
    • Breast & Nipple Lift
    • Tummy Lift
    • Skin Tag Removal
    • Upper & Lower Eyelids
    • Single to Double Eyelids
    • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • Crows Feet
    • All Expression Lines
    • Brow Lift
    • Lip Flip
    • Smoker’s Lip
    • Stretch marks
    • Pigmentation
    • Acne Scarring
    • Scars
  • ✅ Course Curriculum & Certification Program

    • Most comprehensive training on the market as of 2023

    • Designed specifically for PLAXEL+ and true plasma techniques and applications

    • 4 extensive modules covering all aspects of the procedures

    • Modules cover topics such as introduction to plasma fibroblast technology, skin preparation, aftercare, techniques, patterns, frequently asked questions, supplies, the consultation process, marketing tips, and more.

    • Students will receive physical certification upon completion of the program along with two official badges to showcase on their website.
  • ✅ Extra Plasma Fibroblast Training Videos

    • The Extra Training Videos Module is a complementary set of videos that provide detailed demonstrations of advanced techniques.

    • Topics covered in the videos include pull and outline techniques, skin preparation and numbing, power settings, upper lid and brow lift, combo method, milia extraction, cherry angioma removal, and skin tag removal.

    • A Bonus training on Microchanneling is included free of charge!
  • ✅ Unlimited Support with Mike & Rachael

    • The Extra Training Videos Module is a complementary set of videos that provide detailed demonstrations of advanced techniques.

    • Topics covered in the videos include pull and outline techniques, skin preparation and numbing, power settings, upper lid and brow lift, combo method, milia extraction, cherry angioma removal, and skin tag removal.
  • ✅ Private Facebook Group & Free Exposure

    Access our network and community of hundreds of other PLAXEL plasma providers to learn and support one another.

    All certified providers will be featured on our website in our official PLAXEL+ plasma providers for free exposure.

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  • Plasma fibroblast technician salary
  • How much you can earn as a Plaxel plasma Provider?

    • Small treatment areas typically cost around $300 USD, while larger areas can be up to a few thousand.

    • With an average procedure cost of $500 and three clients per week, you could earn an extra $6,000 per month or $72,000 per year.

    • Many clients return for multiple procedures.

    • A detailed example pricing list is available upon request and included in the training.

Plaxel+ Before & After 📸