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PLAXEL + Plasma Fibroblast Pen 2023

PLAXEL + Plasma Fibroblast Pen 2023

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Included In Your Kit ✅

  • Your PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen
  • Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
  • Durable Metal Stand
  • Screw Driver
  • Screws
  • AC/DC12V 1A Adapter
  • 6ft Cord
  • 100 Needle Tips
  • 1 Ball Tip
  • 1 Flat Cold Plasma Tip
  • 1 Curved Tip
  • Certificate of Warranty & Authenticity
  • One-year limited manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Rechargeable Batteries (Can not be shipped outside the USA but can be easily found locally and affordably).

How Does Plaxel+ Compare? 🔍


  • True Plasma Technology (Can treat up to a light Fitzpatrick 5) *Always do a proper patch test

  • Cold Plasma Technology (Can be used on all skin types)

  • Multiple applications

  • Direct current

Other Pens🚫

Use electric technology, which can easily cause burns, scarring, and prolonged downtime. They may also have limited treatment types and use alternating current and can only be used up to a Fitzpatrick 3 skin type. 


What Can PLAXEL+ Treat? 🙌

  ✅ Partial & Full Facelift

  ✅ Acne/Milia

  ✅ Neck & Jowl Lift

  ✅ Breast & Nipple Lift

  ✅ Tummy Lift

  ✅ Skin Tag Removal

  ✅ Upper & Lower Eyelids

  ✅ Single to Double Eyelids

  ✅ Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  ✅ Crows Feet

  ✅All Expression Lines

  ✅ Brow Lift

  ✅ Lip Flip

  ✅ Smoker’s Lip

  ✅ Stretch marks

  ✅ Pigmentation

  ✅ Acne Scarring

  ✅ Piercings/gauged ears

  ✅ Scars

Note: This is not an all-inclusive list


What Does Your Training Include? 🎓

  • Most comprehensive training on the market as of 2023

  • The program is designed specifically for PLAXEL+ and true plasma techniques and applications

  • 4 extensive modules are included in the training curriculum.

  • Modules cover topics such as introduction to plasma fibroblast technology, skin preparation, aftercare, techniques, patterns, frequently asked questions, supplies, the consultation process, marketing tips, and more.

  • The program is $1,195 USD but is free for those who purchase the PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen.

  • Students will receive physical certification upon completion of the program.

  • Two official badges will be provided for students to showcase on their website.

Extra Plasma Fibroblast Training Videos 🎓

  • The Extra Training Videos Module is a complementary set of videos that provide detailed demonstrations of advanced techniques.

  • Topics covered in the videos include pull and outline techniques, skin preparation and numbing, power settings, upper lid and brow lift, combo method, milia extraction, cherry angioma removal, and skin tag removal.

Unlimited Support With Rachael 📞 

Enroll with us and enjoy exclusive access to Rachael, the owner and head trainer of World Plasma, for any questions or guidance you may need. We recognize that continuous support is vital to your learning experience, and we are committed to assisting you throughout your journey.

Student-Only Facebook Group 🔑

Connect with hundreds of PLAXEL practitioners in our private Facebook group, exclusively for our students. This online community is an excellent platform to network, share results, seek advice, and offer encouragement to one another as you progress on this journey!

PLAXEL Before And After Photos 📸


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