Ultimate Guide to Accelerating Post-Plasma Fibroblast Recovery with Plaxel+

Ultimate Guide to Accelerating Post-Plasma Fibroblast Recovery with Plaxel+

“To achieve fantastic results as skincare professionals we need to do more that just provide a great services. Educating your clients and helping them obtain optimal skin health is the secret to achieving incredible, long lasting results" - Rachael Arnold

The Power of Comprehensive Post-Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Care

As skincare professionals, we understand the importance of not only providing exceptional treatments but also supporting our clients throughout their entire recovery process. The Plaxel+ Plasma Pen has revolutionized the industry by offering true plasma treatments that deliver incredible, long-lasting results. In this article, we will explore the various stages of the healing process following a Plaxel+ Plasma Pen treatment, and share our expert tips for optimal recovery and achieving the best possible results.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Plaxel+ Plasma Pen Recovery Process

Post plasma treatment recovery progress photos

1. Immediately Post-Treatment

The Plaxel+ Plasma Pen treatment leaves distinctive white dots with tiny black carbon crusts in the center, which are a hallmark of true plasma treatments. Clients may experience redness and swelling for 24-48 hours post-treatment, which is completely normal. Application of MicroTonic post-treatment ensures the white dots vanish, leaving only the tiny black carbon crusts.

2. The First 48 Hours: The Emergence of Carbon Crusts

Within 24-48 hours, carbon crusts rise to the surface of the skin. These crusts differ from the superficial scabs produced by electric pens, as they signify a more controlled and precise treatment. To facilitate optimal healing, provide clients with the Sunshine Botanicals After Care Kit and our specially-formulated water-based concealer for post-plasma use.

3. Day 3: Carbon Crusts Fully Surface

By the third day, carbon crusts should be completely surfaced. This indicates that the treatment has successfully caused cell-sublimation and micro-injuries to the skin, which are essential for new collagen production. Remember, the goal is to stimulate collagen production without causing excessive trauma to the skin.

4. Day 6-7: Shedding of Carbon Crusts

By the sixth or seventh day, most clients will have shed the majority of the carbon crusts. The healing process may take slightly longer for body treatments or clients with suboptimal health. While initial results may be visible within the first few weeks, the full benefits of the treatment may take several months to become apparent as collagen production continues.

Optimizing Post-Plasma Treatment Recovery with our Skincare Kit

The World Plasma aftercare kit includes:

This comprehensive skincare package is specifically designed to support clients during their recovery process by promoting skin health, speeding up healing, and concealing any redness or carbon dots.

Final Thoughts on Post-Plasma Fibroblast Recovery with Plaxel+

The Plaxel+ Plasma Pen treatment is a game-changer in the skincare industry, offering incredible results without the excessive trauma caused by electric pens. By understanding the healing process and providing your clients with the tools and information they need, you can ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes from their treatments.

To purchase the PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen or for more information on pricing, visit www.plaxelplasma.com. For any questions or assistance, feel free to text us at (469) 620-7188. Remember, Online Plasma Training & Certification is included free with your purchase of the PLAXEL+ Plasma Pen.

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