plaxel plasma pen - Manufactured by Medsun in Korea

PLAXEL is being discontinued!?!? 😱 What's NEXT!?

Recently, the manufacturer of PLAXEL, MEDSUN announced that they will be discontinuing the PLAXEL version of their plasma pens as of January 1st 2023. In this article, we will discuss the discontinuation of PLAXEL and the introduction of the PLAXEL+, which is known to offer the most advanced true plasma and cold plasma technology on the market.

Understanding the Discontinuation of PLAXEL

MEDSUN upgraded the device from the original electric technology to the new true plasma technology back in September 2019. However, the lack of clarity around the difference between the two pens made it difficult for customers to know if they were getting the new version or not. To add to the confusion, MEDSUN also offered another version called PLAXEL+, which is essentially the same as the PLAXEL but with rechargeable batteries. Due to this confusion, many people thought that PLAXEL did not offer true plasma technology, and that PLAXEL+ was the updated version. Therefore, MEDSUN has now officially discontinued the PLAXEL version altogether and will only develop the PLAXEL+ moving forward.


Upgrading from PLAXEL to PLAXEL+

If you already own the PLAXEL version of the plasma pen that was manufactured post-September 2019, there's no need to worry. Your pen still offers true plasma technology, and MEDSUN will continue to honor the warranty for both PLAXEL owners. Since both versions are essentially the same, with the only difference being the base of the pen that holds the batteries and rechargeable capability, you can purchase that base and upgrade your PLAXEL device to the PLAXEL+ model if you choose to do so.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the discontinuation of PLAXEL is a positive move by MEDSUN. It will help to clear up the confusion surrounding the different versions of the device and ensure that customers can easily access the most advanced true plasma and cold plasma technology in the market. The PLAXEL+ is the leading plasma fibroblast pen in the industry and is highly recommended for esthetic professionals looking to provide effective and safe treatments to their clients.

Thinking of purchasing a PLAXEL+?

It's always a smart decision to future-proof your esthetic procedures by investing in the latest technology! With the PLAXEL+, you'll be a step ahead of your competition who are still using electric pens that run the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation due to unnecessary trauma and burning. The true plasma technology of the PLAXEL+ will take your plasma treatments to the next level, ensuring that your clients receive the best possible results and recovery. By upgrading to the PLAXEL+ you can offer your clients the most advanced, safe, and effective plasma fibroblast treatments that keeps them coming back for more!

Distribution Rights:

It's important to note that the PLAXEL+ is only distributed by World Plasma LLC in the USA and UK and Canada, as they are the only authorized distributor of the device through MEDSUN for these regions. This means that purchasing the product from any other source can lead to risks such as receiving counterfeit or refurbished products or being scammed altogether because their pens do not come from the manufacturer.

To ensure that you receive a genuine product and that you are eligible for the manufacturer's warranty with the manufacturer, it's recommended that you purchase the PLAXEL+ only from World Plasma LLC's official online store,

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