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Aftercare Kit For Plasma Fibroblast (Sunshine Botanicals)

Aftercare Kit For Plasma Fibroblast (Sunshine Botanicals)

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Upgrade your order and include our custom skincare & aftercare kit. This kit includes some of the most effective aftercare products for ablative treatments.

Included in your kit:

_____ 1 MicroTonic Backbar Size
_____ 1 Hydrating Recovery Mist Backbar Size
_____ 1 Rapid Repair Fluid Backbar Size
_____ 8 Sunshine Botanicals After Care Kits
_____ 4 TKTX numbing tubes
_____ 1 Porcelain Post Procedure Concealer
_____ 1 Beige Post Procedure Concealer
_____ 1 Ivory Post Procedure Concealer
_____ 50 Plaxel needle probes
_____ 1 Training Manual

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